Mallory Robbins, a top fashion model and fast rising movie starlet, wakes up in an unknown location after a blissful night with an exquisite lover, having no memory of her whereabouts. Enduring a severe headache, she becomes terrified when she catches a glimpse of herself in a dresser mirror wearing the authentic coverings, including a veil, of a devout Muslim woman. Things become worse when a woman also dressed in traditional Arab garments, visits Mallory to inform her that she has been chosen to become Saudi Prince Ali’s fourth wife and the one that soiled her is to be beheaded.

Then she remembers. Friday night at Jojo’s, Drew, the best oral sex of her young life, her lonely drive home, Drew, more sex and then…?

{WARNING} Contains a scene which includes
a flashback by the victim to a gang rape.

Obsession was previously released as LEGS.

A Dozen Fun Quotes from Obsession

1. "You know Paige; I've been meaning to ask you. Why do you insist on coming here, when you know we both get mentally gang banged on the way from the entrance to the bar?" Mallory Robbins

2. "Do? You don't have to do much. Just lay on the desk or the couch and spread those gorgeous legs. I'll do the rest." Drew Stevens

3. "I want you to watch me eat your pussy. You can do anything you want to me in return. But your gratification matters the most. This is all about you!" Drew Stevens

4. "Soon these lips and tongue will be where my hand is. Think about that as I kiss you." Drew Stevens

5. "Mallory, Mallory. I would never hurt you. You are bright, caring, articulate and funny-certainly, the most beautiful woman I've ever seen, let alone slept with. I adore you!" The fingers of his free hand combed through his dense dark hair. "I'm here to protect you." Drew Stevens

6. "When we are selected by them, we are drugged out of our minds. We can barely stay awake. I don't imagine it's much fun for the john but who cares. In some ways it's better for us. We don't remember it." Campbell

7. "Hey, she's a hot number. If she looked at me the way she looked at you, I'd be on the phone asking for a personal tour of her favorite listing, with a special emphasis on the master bedroom. Maybe check out the whirlpool tub. Can't you picture her in a tub? I'll bet her jugs would float on the surface." Detective John Goodwin

8. "I've heard rumors that we are the lucky ones. The word around here is that scores more girls, maybe hundreds, have been taken, then sold in the Orient, Latin America, the Middle East, etc. and if we displease Prince Ali, that's where we could end up." Campbell

9. "Why detective, you should be able to figure that out. My pussy was his favorite part of my body. He once said that my pussy was the closest thing to his heart. He practically wore it out." Kelsey Knowles

10. "I want you to fetter me, frisk me, give me face and then … fuck me hard! Then I want you to fuck me like the felons do it." Kelsey Knowles

11. "Hell yes, I'm a bartender! I even watch football games! I can do anything a man can do except pee on a tree and I'm working on that." Kelsey Knowles

12. "So you'd like to see my pussy up close and personal huh? If you add another ten to that, you get to put it inside me." Mysta (nude dancer)

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