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Obsession Excerpts

For those who like their excerpts a little spicier, here's one to tickle your fancy. Let me set the scene for you. After helping Mallory out of a bad situation, Drew has talked Malloy into an intimate oral encounter. They are now in an empty office in the lower floor of Jojo's; Enjoy the sexcerpt:

(Warning, A scorcher, Over 18 Only, Please!)

Mallory's heart thundered as she led Drew to her secret hideaway. She didn't know whether to keel over or run. She was entering uncharted territory. Mallory, goody-two-shoes wasn't a snob. She just never felt a need to do anything overtly sexual, but Drew had aroused an unfulfilled fantasy and she was about to live it out. She led him into the room, shut and locked the door and asked, "What should I do? Where do you want me?"

"Do? You don't have to do much. Just lay on the desk or the couch and spread those gorgeous legs. I'll do the rest."

Mallory agreed with Drew's suggestion to use the desk. He lifted her onto the desktop and snatched a couple of cushions off the couch, laying them on the desk behind her. His hand took hers, warming her cold, trembling fingers. He seemed to sense her discomfort and flashed a reassuring smile. "I want you to watch me eat your pussy. You can do anything you want to me in return. But your gratification matters the most. This is all about you!"

She returned a quick nervous smile.

"I'm going to undress you. I want to make you feel good all over."

Mallory almost chickened out right then, I can't do this. A kiss to her hand firmed up her faltering resolve. Tentatively, she nodded assent. As Drew slowly pulled off her short navy blue skirt, he smiled when it became obvious her panties were missing.

She was astonished. What had seemed like a lark at first was for real and she was actually going to go through with it. Relax, this isn't a basketball team; it's a dreamy looking man who's going to do delicious things to me.

Button by button, Drew languorously unfastened and removed her fashionable print blouse. Next went her lacy ivory bra. Freeing the clasp in back, the nipples of her newly freed breasts responded to the cool currents as he pulled the bra straps from her shoulders, Drew cupped her untanned breasts, kissing her swollen nipples. She shuddered as pleasing pulses shot through her pussy.

Carefully, he eased her down onto the cushions as if she were a porcelain doll. "Would you like to be kissed?" He flashed his beautiful white smile. "I do hope so." She stared at those sensuous lips and white teeth. Of course, she wanted to kiss him. Just looking at that mischievous smile on his gorgeous macho face excited her.

She nodded.

His teeth grazed a taut nipple before he leaned up to plunder her mouth. She inhaled sharply when he broke the kiss and said, "Oh, the things I'm going to do to you." As he retreated back to her legs.

She watched as he carefully took her famous legs in his hands. His gentle fingers fondled each one of her well-manicured, feminine toes. Excruciatingly slow, his fingers progressed from her foot to the back of her knees. Moving upward still, he concentrated on the inner thigh, making sure not to encroach into the sensual apex between her legs. Bending her knees, he placed her feet upon the table and split her legs apart. Her pussy was totally bared. He scrutinized her vulnerability. She wondered whether being unclothed in front of a stranger or the anticipation of what was to come, was more of a turn on.

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