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Obsession Reviews

RATING: 5 Angels

Mallory Robbins is a super star, an up and coming movie star, and one of L.A.'s most beautiful women. She heads to JoJo's Bar and Grill to meet her friend, Paige. After sharing a few drinks, Paige and her main squeeze, leave. Mallory stays and finish her drink only to have a rude, drunken man try to push his attentions on her. Enter Drew Khalid Stevens, a sexy man, who sends wonderful heated sensations all over her body. Drew is smitten by her long legs and shapely body. They leave together where he delights her most deliciously, and then afterwards they unite again for an encore of love. Just when she is about to learn why he carries a gun, and a card that says Steven Investigations, a chemical treated rag is slapped over her mouth. Mallory awakes to see she is dressed like an Arab woman and has a mind-blowing headache. She learns she has been kidnapped and personally selected to be the fourth wife of Prince Ali, a Saudi Prince. As a U.S. citizen, she demands to be returned to America. Unfortunately, no one escapes. To make matters worse, Drew is in a locked room, waiting execution for soiling Mallory, the fiancé of Ali. Since Ali is royally upset, Drew must pay for his actions.

I was blown away with Legs. From the moment Drew and Mallory connect in the bar, to the hair-raising kidnapping, I was hypnotized with the charisma of the storyline and the characters. Dee Dawning knows how to create an action-packed story that explodes. With intrigue, sensual passion, and a bit of mystery, all blended together, not to mention, just the right spots to include some witty little remarks, he crafts a most splendid read. Mallory and Drew are absolutely captivating together. The in-depth secondary characters add great appeal to the movement of the story. I really hope he plans a sequel or a series. Legs is definitely a recommended read in my book.

Reviewed by: Linda L.

Night Owl Romance Reviews

RATING:4.5 Hearts

Legs by Dee Dawning is an action packed hot as hell read that will have you hitting the bar scene. Mallory Robbins is a model and known for her legs. Her legs are even insured. For several weeks she has been meeting her friend Paige at JoJo?s bar. It?s not the type of place Mallory would normally hang out, but it?s the place her friend?s boyfriend likes. So, to keep Paige company Mallory has been going to the JoJo?s ?meat market?.

One night she is given a very interesting business card that piques her interest. Along with the card she meets a super hot guy. The next morning she finds a gun in his belongings and things get interesting. She is drugged, kidnapped and awakens wearing the clothing of an Arab woman. Her man Drew is nowhere to be seen. She is told that his other name is Kalid and he is to be beheaded for defiling her. She is to be married to a Saudi Prince and she has no choice. Will Mallory find a way to free Kalid? Is Kalid a good guy or a bad one? What will Mallory do to free herself from her Arab prison?

Legs was a fun, hot and fast read that left me needing several glasses of super cold ice water. The scenes are scorching and the characters well defined. Dee also included a whole cast of characters that I just came to understand and root for. Mallory?s friend Paige was one character that I would like to see in a sequel. Paige deserves her own story. So, if you like action and a constantly evolving plot read Dee Dawning?s Legs, but don?t forget to have your water pitcher near by.

Reviewed By: Tammie King


Rating: 5 Enchantments

Drew Khalid Stevens is a relative of Prince Ali, a Saudi prince. He has been hired to kidnap the lovely Mallory, and instead he falls in love with her.

Mallory is a gorgeous blonde model who has a pair of legs that are fabulous. So exquisite is she, that a Saudi price, Prince Ali, wants her to be his fourth wife. She has no choice in the matter.

This is an intriguing romantic story, full of love, suspense, fabulous sex, and cultural differences.

I anticipated this book a month before it came out because Dee Dawning did an excellent job promoting it, and it was in fact as good as it was made out to be. I loved it. It was steamy and sexy, but the intrigue was fabulous. Dee painted such mystery, mixed it with love and sex, and came out with a colorful portrait of life. My only disappointment that the 'girl' didn't get the 'guy' I'd hoped she'd get. If you like romance mixed with mystery, you'll love this story. It is a must read!

Dee Dawning writes because he is compelled to. Too many ideas are floating in his head and he has to transfer them to paper. In the two years he has been writing seriously, he has written three published novels and three published short stories, with a half dozen in the works. When it comes to erotica, he only writes straight sex, between two and sometime three partners. He has written f/f, but stays away from deviant sex. To him, sex is a celebration of life and he treats it as such.

Desiree de Cleves
May 2008

The Romance Erotica Connection
Recommended Read and 5 Blue Roses

Mallory Robbins, a top fashion model and fast rising movie starlet, wakes up in an unknown location after a blissful night with an exquisite lover, having no memory of her whereabouts.

Enduring a severe headache, she becomes terrified when she catches a glimpse of herself in a dresser mirror wearing the authentic coverings, including a veil, of a devout Muslim woman.

Things become worse when a woman also dressed in traditional Arab garments, visits Mallory to inform her that she has been chosen to become Saudi Prince Ali's fourth wife and the one that soiled her is to be beheaded. Then she remembers. Friday night at Jojo's, Drew, the best oral sex of her young life, her lonely drive home, Drew, more sex and then??

Dee Dawning has managed to write an truly intriguing story with one surprise after another mixed with love scenes that would serve to make you hot under more than just your collar. Her characters Mallory, Drew, Page, Robbie - to name a few, were thought out to perfection. With elegant ease, Ms. Dawning has spawn truly human characters that make you laugh, cry, cringe and get turned on with them. And the ending, I have to tip my hands to a very powerful weaver of tales.

For your ever so wonderful talent that brings us a story so beautiful and endearing as well as intriguing, Ms. Dawning, this reviewer is pleased to give you a rating of five roses.

Ebony Starr - The Romance Erotica Connection

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