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Forbidden Reviews

Red Roses for Authors Review
RATING: Five Red Roses

Adelina goes to meet her lover in a meadow beside Caspia Sea. It is forbidden for even the King's son to make love with a Fala maiden. Reproduction is a clinical thing, because of the sickness that once destroyed so many of their people. So when Ada comes naked from the lake after they bath they are both arrested for breaking the ancient law.

This book is an erotic romp. I am not going to tell you any more because it is a short and I do not want to give the plot away. At its heart there is a love story and that is what makes it a good fun read. Dee is always a good writer and this science fiction story is no exception. If you enjoy your stories hot you will want this one!


Manic Readers Review

What do you do when you're in love? Not only in love but with a lavender skinned alieness AND you live on a planet where marriage, sex and LOVE itself has been banned for almost 600 Earth years! How long will Adalina and Mitheas be able to actually keep their love a secret?

I LOVED this story! It has a very unique preface and has a defiant Romeo and Juliet twist. Ms. Dawning gives the reader a fast paced BUT meaty erotic romp. Great visual writing and descriptive to.! If you are looking for a light, easy and spicy read you will not be let down! The only reason I did not give this one 5 stars is I really wanted a longer story about this cute couple. Ms. Dawning has a very unique sense of humor to her writing. Not a slap you in the face HA-HA but a kind of quirky one that will make you giggle. Not to be missed is our captured couple explaining their relationship to a very perplexed D'ana. This tale is definitely a wise choice for a fun steamy read when you're too pressed for time to curl up with a long book. I would definitely recommend checking out Ms. Dawning's unique writing!

Night Owl Romance
Rating: Four Hearts - A Page Turner

For hundreds of years it's been against the law for Falan and Malan to mate. Fala are female and Mala male. Hundreds of year ago a sexual plague killed off many of their species and to stop the spread a law was passed to protect the people. Sex would no longer happen. To keep their species alive Fala and Mala would live apart. A system was put in place for babies to be born, but no sexual intercourse would take place.When Adalina a Falan princess and Mitheas a Malan prince fall in love things get a bit tricky. Will these two be able to get the law changed? Will Adalina and Mitheas go to jail? How will these two lovers find a way to change society now that the plague is no longer a problem? It's about time that Fala and Mala merge back together and find a way for their species to survive with love and family again.

Forbidden Passions by Dee Dawning is steamy fantasy book. It's a fun quick read that is way outside the box. I was intrigued by the non-humanoid species interactions and how the main characters came to find love. In a place where love no longer exists Dee shows how to turn the society around and bring back that delightful feeling of companionship. This is one of those stories's that will stay with you for a longtime. True love can conquer and a lot of steamy sex goes a long way toward making this one my recommended reads.

Reviewed By: Tammie King

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