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Forbidden Excerpt

He sensed her growing impatience. "Mitheas, are you going to answer me?"

Mitheas arched an eyebrow, "Maybe I don't want to make love."

Her smile changed from playful to curious. "Oh! What are we here for, to go swimming in the sea?"

"To make love, but maybe I'd rather do something else. Something better."

She edged forward, close enough where her mound was teasing his wide eyes, near enough that he could sense a stimulating feminine bouquet being emitted from the treasure between her legs. Adalina, who exhibited a never-ending thirst for sex, seemed curious.

"What might that be?" she wanted to know, placing her hands upon her hips. "What could be better than making love to me?"

Shaking off the sudden erotic vision that the proximity of Adalina's glorious vulva had provoked, Mitheas reached for the bag he had earlier set beside him and showed her its contents.

Adalina cocked her head and placed her fist under her chin: "Cassal berries? Eating Cassal berries is better than having sex. Are you daft?"

"It can be," He flashed a mischievous smile, "If I eat them off you."

Adalina's eyes grew wide. Her skin blushed a bright violet and she giggled, waving her forefinger at him as she said, "Naughty, naughty boy."

Laughing with delight, she tried to turn and run, but with catlike grace he grabbed her hips and slowly pulled her wriggling form toward his flailing tongue: "Whoa! Not so fast!" When his lengthy tongue began to lick her ultra sensitive clit, she desisted. Still standing, she stiffened and gasped then moaned. She reached down and ran her fingers through his dense ebony hair. She lifted one leg up and placed her thigh over his broad shoulder, dangling the rest of her leg down his back, in order to increase his access to her purplish pussy. Almost immediately, she did the same with her other leg. Now off the ground, her thighs resting upon his broad shoulders, her slinky form commenced an undulating motion, grinding her hot, soaking cleft into his welcoming mouth.

With his tongue still massaging her clit and his hands wrapped around her back, he lowered her to the grassy earth. Mitheas scooted to his knees. Scrutinizing Adalina's lovely form now lying prostrate before him, he grabbed the bag of Cassal berries, took a handful of the orange berries and crushed them over both of her breasts. He could feel her nipples rise as he applied the squished fruit.

"Mmmm," he said as he wrapped his lips around a jutting nipple. "Mmmm, is right," she said, half laughing. "God, I love it when you do that. Sometimes I wish you had two heads so you could suck both of my nipples at the same time."

"I wouldn't like having two heads; it's too hard concentrating on you with one let alone two," Mitheas joked, now attending her other breast Adalina laughed with delight. One hand traced its way down toward her clitoris. Touching her there, she stiffened. "Ahh. Don't talk anymore, just keep making me feel good, baby," then playfully she added, "On second thought, three heads would be even better,"

Mitheas paused. "You would want me to be a three headed monster so I could be a better lover?"

Clearly enjoying herself, she said, "When you put it that way, I guess not. Actually, you are perfect just the way you are. Ooh, ooh, my hungry pussy is calling you. It craves the attention of your forked tongue. Can you hear it?"

Can two people in love on a loveless world, change their future
and the future of those that come after them?

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