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Rating: 5 Stars

Sarah is beautiful newlywed who loves her husband, but wants to spice up their boring sex life. So she borrows her best friend?s Lascivious Liaison's book; she is planning to re-create the scenes with her husband.

Danny is a handsome and loving husband who thinks his wife and his sex life is great until Sarah, one Friday night, drops the truthful bomb.

Sarah and Danny?s sex life takes on a whirlwind life of its own. Danny is willing to go along with it to help keep his marriage intact, but what starts out as a every man?s fantasy soon turns into a nightmare. Danny discovers that his wife and her best friend, Tish, are lovers. Now Danny has to decide if he wants them both or not.

By The Book is a great read. It poses some interesting ?what would you do? questions. I love the way the characters draw you into the story, and really make you think. By The Book is a definite mind blower that you have to read.

Reviewed by: Robyn

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