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Sarah plopped down on the couch next to me. "Hi-ee," she whispered seductively.

I dragged my eyes away from the latest Dodgers debacle and glanced her way. She flashed a wall-to-wall smile and put her arm around me. Looking back at the TV, she kissed my cheek and snuggled her head into the crook of my neck.

"Guess what?" she said. Her free hand began to rub my chest as the fingers of her other hand twirled my hair.

"You're sure in a good mood." Not meaning to ignore her question.

"More than that," she responded. "I'm in a fantastic mood. You know why?"

"No, but I'll bet you're going to tell me."

"Ooh, Danny, you're so smart. You should go on a psychic hotline."

"I'm a fantastic mood because we're going to enter into a new and enhanced version of our previously moribund sex life."

Moribund sex life? Suddenly the Dodgers game didn't seem so important, especially with them behind six to nothing. "What do you mean moribund? I think our sex life is great."

"It may be great to you, but to me it's vanilla. It's so boring that if I were another woman, I would have taken a lover, but I do love you, not to mention you already have the tall, blond, lean, surfer good looks and equipment I would look for in a lover."

I had no idea.

Her hand abandoned my chest for a bag she had beside her. It slipped inside and pulled out a book. "I had lunch with Tish today and she told me she and David injected a shot of adrenalin into their sex life by once a week enacting a sex scene from this book. She said she hasn't had this much fun since she was fifteen in the back seat of Jerry's car."

Tish and her husband David lived across the street, buying their home four months after we bought ours. Tish and Sarah had been close friends since elementary school. You might say they were thick as thieves.

Sarah set the book on my lap. I tensed when her hand went back to my chest, concentrating on a nipple jutting through the fabric of my shirt. "Jerry?" I inquired.

"Just some guy she went with for a while when we were sophomores."

"Hmmm. Did you have a Jerry?"

"Of course. Didn't everyone?"

A devilish smile formed on my lips. "There are no Jerrys in my past."

Shouldn't have said that because her finger left my nipple and began tickling me. "No Jerrys huh? I'll bet there were plenty of Geraldines, Peggy Sues too!"

"Whoa, hold on." I grabbed her hand and put it back, but she moved it down to my stomach.

"Were you visiting guys' backseats at fifteen?" "Heavens no. I waited a lot longer. At least fifteen and a half." She giggled. Now it was my turn to tickle her.

"Fifteen and a half?"

She began to squiggle around frantically. "Stop it." Sarah is really ticklish. "Stop it," she screeched. "You'll make me pee."

I backed off. "Wow, you were practically a virgin when we met in college."

With an indignant huff she straightened herself up and rested her hand just above my belt. Her fingers slipped just under and began moving.

Picking the book up, in such manner as not to disturb her ministration, I looked at the title, Lascivious Liaisons by Madame X. "This is nothing but an erotic rag," I exhorted.

"I know. Isn't it great? It's got some great imaginative sex scenes in it. Tish says all we have to do is follow the book and our sex life will soar. Here read this one."

I started to read where Sarah'd pointed and she unbuckled my belt.


I kneeled on the bed next to her. "I'll be glad to. I crave your wonderful pussy but I have one question."

"What's that?" she asked.

I bent down and took one of her hard nipples in my mouth and sucked hard.

"Mmmm." Her nubs being so sensitive, she shivered and squirmed like she always did when I licked her tit, circling my tongue around the lucky bud. It was her right, more sensitive, nipple. She nudged her tit upward into my tongue as her fingers ran through my hair.

Still teasing her nipple, I picked up the book resting on her chest. "How are you going to read the book to me after I tie your hands up?"

She took the book out of my hand and tossed it on the floor. "I'm not, I know what it says and sucking on my tits isn't in there. I'll tell you what to do. Now get the belt, before I call Studs R Us."

I tied Sarah's hands up with the belt and tied it to a bedpost, then I slowly pulled her jeans off. She watched intently. I could tell she wanted to feel my tongue on her clit. I gazed at her helpless and naked except for her lacy pink panties, which were indeed soaked. "Hurry up," she implored.

"Does the book say to hurry?" I asked.

"No, but being tied up like this and you taking so long is driving me crazy. I can't stand it."

"I think that's the idea." I lowered my face between her thighs. I licked and sucked on the juices that permeated her panties. She gasped, slowly exhaling then her breathing quickened to short gasps. The heady bouquet of her aroused pussy excited me. I pulled the bottom of the panty aside and laved her underside, anus to clit. Sarah moaned wriggling and rolling sideways.

"Please, Baby," she begged.

She watched closely as I moved up above her lovely flat abdomen and used my teeth to pull the top of her panty down across her hairless mound and it settled and snuggled so it set across her hood. I kissed her mound juicily, leaving broad patches of wetness to evaporate and eased my tongue into the exposed top of her cleft.
"Oh please" Her legs now spread wide, she groaned and squiggled even more as my tongue slipped deeper in her cleft, inching toward her clit. "Please eat me."

Poor thing. I'd been killing her slowly with titillation, but anticipation is sublime. I dragged her panties over her hips and she sighed. I closed her legs so I could pull them off.

Sarah was trim, but well built. She had exceptional tits and a great ass. I dragged her sopping panties past her knees, down her well turned calves and over her pretty feet. As always, I reveled in her beauty and she belonged to me, or did she? Our moribund sex life? Am I losing her? I took a deep whiff of her strong, pussy scented, cr鑪e-soaked panties and vowed to do whatever she wanted. To keep her happy, I would live by the book.

She laughed as I slipped her cool moist panties over my head around my neck. "What're you doing, silly?"

"You don't like my panty necklace? It's not in the book, is it?"

"No, I guess Sal wasn't that imaginative."

I could tell she was thinking. "I guess it's all right as long as it doesn't interfere with what's in the book. Come up here and give me a big sloppy, wet kiss, then get between my thighs and drive me bonkers, face-fucking my hot liquid-filled pussy."

Starting to advance toward her wild lips, I knelt in front of her when I paused, grabbing my re-engorged cock and asked, "What about this? After I make you scream to the heavens, can I fuck you?"

I could tell by her slight frown she was thinking again. Apparently there were no rules except following the book. As her frown turned to a smile, she spoke. "I can't wait to have you bury your stiff shaft inside me. As long as we follow the book, anything extra we feel like doing afterward is gravy."

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