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Friday night at Mojo’s, while waiting for her movie-star-good-looks boyfriend, Eddy, to meet her, Mandy confides to her friend, Chelsea, that he never came home the night before. Chelsea, a fixture behind the bar at Mojo’s Bar & Grill in L.A., is in a quandary. She knows something her favorite customer, Amanda Carter, doesn’t–but wishes she did–Eddy has been stepping out on her. Hell, he’s even asked Chelsea out! But when he brings his latest fling into Mojo’s, right in front of Amanda, flaunting his infidelity to her friend, Chelsea decides enough is enough.

It’s time to tell Mandy the truth.

Seizing the moment, Chelsea reveals what Mandy’s philandering boyfriend has been up to. Mandy’s reaction is predictable—she’s crushed. However, her response is surprising, setting the stage for Chelsea to show Mandy the real depth of her friendship.

{WARNING} This title contains graphic language and f/f sex.

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A Dozen Fun Quotes from Tattoos

1. “His wife must either be a saint or dumb as a rock. I’d never take back a man who wandered.” Mandy “Looking for him, or a replacement?” Chelsea

2. “Yeah, it doesn’t hurt to see what fish are in the sea. Especially since Eddy never came home last night. I swear, it was a big mistake moving in with him.” Mandy

3. “I’ve seen your boyfriend with other women. Once in a nightclub on Melrose—this chick was sitting on his lap straddling him in a back booth. It was near closing time and I’m sure they were grinding.” Chelsea

4. “What’ll you have, Mr. Bigshot?” To drink I mean.” Chelsea

5. “Very funny, Chels. Who shit in your cereal today?” Eddy

6. “The whiskey is for me…babe.” Mandy

7. “Baby, it’s one thing to have that Jack in you, but if you guzzle that beer, your gonna regret it, and besides, you don’t even like beer.” Eddy

8. “No way, I don’t think so. I said to celebrate, not commit suicide. That stuff sucks. I’ll have my usual.” Mandy

9. “So how does it feel having dumped Prince Charming?” Chelsea

10. “Have you ever considered girls, Mandy? I see you’re looking at me.” Mandy

11. “Let me see your tattoo.” Mandy

12. “Yes, and it can very good. Sweet, gentle, the most satisfying love.” Chelsea