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Hollywood Witches Excerpt

Carrying me through the garage door and into the house, Troy laughed, “Witches have increased sex drive and sensitivity? Sounds like another great reason to become one.” I’d never been in Troy’s home before, but even though my mind was centered on the juncture of his legs, I managed to notice it was spacious and wonderfully decorated. At last he carried me through a pair or doors and deposited me gently on a gorgeous, sexy, king sized canopy bed.

“Don’t move.” He went over to the night stand and inserted a CD into the player. A light rock song I recognized—Save Tonight by Eagle-eye Cherry—came on. “Not counting our inauspicious time together two years ago, this is my first time with a woman.” He began to pull off one of my high heel shoes. “Therefore, I want to slowly undress you and bask in your beauty.”

Noooo! Maybe he thought I needed time to warm up. This was a form of foreplay and it would have been nice if we’d been starting from scratch, but I wasn’t. I was hot as hell and needed something quick. I scooted up on my elbows, watching him. This would take too long. “Baby, I see a big bulge behind your slacks, and I know you need some release and I have been warming up to having that big cock of yours inside me all the way over here. Couldn’t you bask in my beauty while you’re fucking me?”

He laughed, “I suppose I could speed things up.”

“Let me help you.” I nodded my head and we were both naked.

Troy was flabbergasted. “Hey, how’d you do that?”

“One of the perks of witchcraft. Watch this.” I nodded again and he was prone on the bed, his head between my legs, licking the crème my pussy had released. “God that feels good. Did you like that trick?”

He mumbled something unintelligible into my steamy center. “Just nod if you did?”

Nodding he said, “Uh, huh.”

“Good. Do you love to eat my pussy?”

“Uh, huh.”

“Not as much as me, baby.” I did love it. I reached down and grabbed a fistful of his sandy hair in each hand, pulling his face harder into my slippery snatch. Lips around my clit, sucking on it as he moved his head back and forth, he stuck several fingers inside of me, moving them robustly in and out of my expanding pussy.

The feeling was beginning to build. I was seconds away from coming, so I nodded my head once more and instantly, Troy hovered over me his dick buried in me to the hilt. I’ll never forget the look of total astonishment plastered on his face. I wonder if Ally ever did anything like this. I can’t wait to tell her.

“It’s about time you stuck that big cock inside me. I’ve been waiting all night for this.” I wrapped my legs around him, crossing my ankles just above his taut ass. I pulled my feet inward toward me, trying to jump start my obviously stunned partner, for Troy had yet to move a lick since I…umm… realigned him. At last I felt his dick retreat and slowly return. Then faster and faster. “Oh, yeah, baby, give it to me good! Bury that hot slab of sex deep inside me!”