Groovin' 'n Waikiki
Adult Excerpt

After the class finished, Kino embraced me. "I really enjoyed this. You are an amazing talent. Let me take a quick shower and I'll buy you lunch. Oh, I'm sorry. Did you want to take a shower? You can go first if you do."

How about at the same time? "No, you go ahead. I'll wait for you."

After he'd been gone about ninety seconds, I slipped into the locker room. I heard water running and headed toward the sound. I peeked around the corner. The shower was an open tile shower stall with six heads He stood under the second from the right. What a sight he was-strong, muscular legs supporting taut, dimpled buns. His thin waist V'ed out to broad shoulders. His skin tone was a warm raw sienna in a gradient not much lighter than my own. I licked my lips when I saw his luscious cock. It wasn't hard but it was big, as if it were. Hurriedly, I stripped and casually walked into the shower. "I hope it's all right. I changed my mind." I squished my nose as I pretended to smell my armpits. "I smell a little ripe."

He didn't say a word, scanning my body for the longest time.

I smiled through squinting, knowing eyes. "I don't suppose I can borrow the soap?"

"You are beautiful."

"Yeah, well, I'm digging what I'm seeing, too, Kino. The soap?"

He looked at his hand that held the bar of soap. "Ooof. Sorry." He threw the soap and I caught it.

"Thanks, this water is kind of cold. Is yours?"

"No, let me feel yours." He came over and I nearly jumped in the air as his beautiful cock brushed my thigh while running a hand under the water. "It is cold. Ahh, this knob was turned down. How's that?"

"Much better, but I'm still cold. Do you think you could join me under the water and hold me?"

He stepped into the stream of water and embraced me, wrapping his muscular arms around me. He kissed my ear just under my curly ringlets. I gasped as I felt his hard weapon jabbing me in the back. I turned and kissed him back passionately.

"Ooh." He sighed as I began stroking him, using the soap bar as a lubricant. Through repetitive groans, I whispered in his ear, "I need to make sure this is nice and clean since I plan on taking it into my mouth."

"Ahh, yes, baby. Make it good and clean."

I handed the soap to him and turned so my back was toward him. He started with my shoulders and worked down. Washing the sway of my back, he spoke, "What a sexy ass you have."

I laughed and subtly parted my feet. The continuous spray of hot water and steam highlighted the ambiance of our liaison. I had gone from cold to warm in seconds, and with Kino's help, I was getting hotter by the second. Stooping to wash my ass and legs, his fingers explored my inner thighs and the area just above. I spread my feet further and reached out to the wall to steady myself. My eyes closed to direct every ounce of concentration on the divine sensations that were emanating below-from the erotic activities of his talented digits in my nether regions. My heart was racing and my breathing came in short gasps with each sensuous thing he did to me. When his fingers parted the crack in my rump, I bent over and stuck my ass in the air like a cat in heat. The invitation seemed to be too much for my Hawaiian hunk as fingers entered my pussy and anus simultaneously. I could barely stand-my legs felt like Jell-O. I spread my legs even more and locked my joints in place. Like the gymnast I used to be, I rested the palms of my hands on the tile floor and offered my ass up as if it were a sacrifice to this man/god.

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