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Going Deep Excerpts

Defiantly, with legs spread, hands on her hips, Carla stood directly in front of him. "Carla baby, You're in my way. I can't see the TV."

"You know, Joey, we've been living together for eighteen months. You won't discuss marriage, yet I have the distinct feeling you think of me like amwife. No, check that, worse, like I'm your sex on demand, fuck buddy that happens to cook and clean the house. And when it comes to fucking, frankly, that's as boring for me lately as the football game you're lounging on the couch in your underwear watching."

I gazed up at Carla's pretty face. She was attractive, no doubt about it with long wavy, fiery red hair, sea green eyes like the deep end of a swimming pool and pouty, sexy lips that were red with or without lipstick. She also had a trim, attractive figure. Yes, she was hot when I met her and she was still as hot as ever. "C'mon, Carla. That's not fair. Football is my life. I'm an NFL football coach for crissake."

"Correction. You're an assistant football coach. The quarterback coach to be exact."

I sat up straight. "Okay, so I'm an assistant coach. Football is still my life. Yours, too, you're a effing cheerleader."

"No need to swear." "I didn't swear. Besides you were swearing like a trucker a minute ago."

Her lips curled into a devious smile, "Technically, you didn't swear, but we both know what you meant. As for my use of profanity. It was in conjunction with what I was saying. You were using it as a fucking adjective."

I raised my gaze to the ceiling in futility and shook my head. Carla continued, "Anyway, I get my fill of football each week at the games. I don't need to watch it on TV, too!"

"Hmmm." She's really pissed. Hand on my chin, I pondered what she'd said. I need to come up with something to pacify her. "I'll tell you what. We need to make the games enjoyable for you."

"Fat chance. I'd rather pull down my panties and sit my bare ass on a cactus."

Ooooh, the idea of her sitting that fine tail on a cactus made me cringe. "Hear me out, baby. You've heard of Fantasy Football?"

"Certainly, it's all you he-men talk about during football season, but I'm not sure what it is."

"Doesn't matter. How would you like to play Fantasy Fuck Football?"

Carla's eyebrows lowered as her eyes narrowed to slits. She lowered her chin and pinched her lips into a pucker. "Sounds interesting. I'm listening."

"Okay, this football game has barely started and the score is tied." I stared at Carla and counted the items she was wearing. "Assuming you're wearing a bra and panties, you're wearing seven items. I'll put on seven items to match you so we both start with the same amount." Carla's beautiful nose flared and her gaze grew serious. "I don't get it."

"You will and you'll love it. I'll flip a coin to see what team we each root for. When either team scores-any score-one of us takes off an item of clothing. If your team scores, I take off an item and vice versa. If it's a high scoring game and one of us runs out of clothing, the other has the option of stopping right then as the winner.

"That would be me, As soon as you were buck naked, I'd turn off the TV. That does sound like an improvement, but playing strip football isn't enough to make me want to watch a game with you."

"There's more, let me finish."

Except Two

Nevertheless, even though I lost, I won. "Okay Joey, you won. What do you want me to do?" I asked as I started to drag off my last remaining item of clothing-my hot pink bikini panties.

His hands shot out and stayed the removal of my panties. "Even though I won, I enjoyed you watching the game with me and I want to make this day memorable to you. My main concern is to make you feel wonderful. Wait here, I'll be right back."

I laughed as my new hero lover bounced out of bed naked and headed for the closet. As his tight, taunt buns seemed to wink at me, I felt a stirring in my netherlands and wondered what he had planned for me. I could really get into this.

Joey returned holding some neckties. I'm not going to tie your feet up yet, because I need to remove your panties, so for now…"

Joey went to the head of the bed and took my left hand. After kissing the back of it, he tied my wrist to the bedpost. My pussy pulsated with lust, getting warmer by the second as I stared at his exposed, hard, masculine sex, mere inches from my eyes and watering mouth.

When he went to the other side, he continued, "I'm just going to tie up your hands."

With my periphery vision, I could see he was smiling, but I was transfixed by his swollen, fully erect cock. I wanted it, somewhere, anywhere, so bad I could taste it. After kissing and tying my right hand, Joey got on the bed on his knees. My pulse raced as he straddled me, his beautiful, blood filled, shaft looming within licking distance above me. He re-arranged the pillows around and under my head, sending tremors of desire to pool in my womb.

Looking hungrily at the underside of his bodacious organ, I focused past it and gazed into his extraordinarily handsome face-the shy, boyish face with short tousled brown hair and a perpetual grin that I fell in love with. My gaze lowered to the pronounced muscles on the ribcage of his wiry frame, which I'd felt was a bonus. I sighed in anticipation when, in a seductive velvety tone, he described his plans for me.

"I'm going to pull your pink panties off with my teeth, spread your beautiful creamy legs wide and devour your scrumptious pussy. I want you to watch me. That's why I'm raising your head up, so you'll have no trouble watching my performance."

As he lifted me up to slide the last pillow under my head, his bold cock dug into my cheek, beside my nose. The sexy, musty bouquet emitting from his rigid penis and scrotum permeated the air around my nostrils, arousing me even further. I wanted to take him deep into my mouth, to feel him in my throat. What I wouldn't give for the use of my hands.

Then when the head of his manhood brushed against my lips, I opened wide and slid the length of him into, my mouth. He tensed. I raised my head back off him partially and let my tongue roam, teasing the underside of his prick, trying to urge him on. He stiffened. He pushed it back in a little more, but stopped. "Do it!" I yelled, though muffled by the object of my lust that rested in my mouth.

He pulled out. "What'd you say?"

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