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Going Deep

Football, football, football! Eight months a year-football. Beautiful, fiery-haired Carla is soooo sick of football, she throws a fit. The problem is, Joey, her live-in boyfriend is an assistant football coach with the local NFL team and watching football games is not only part of his job, it's a must. Out of necessity, he comes up with an ingenious plan in the form of a football connected sex-game, the results of which have energized their sex life to the boiling point. Now Carla not only enjoys watching football with Joey, she can't wait for the games to begin.

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A Dozen Fun Quotes from Going Deep

1. “Fat chance. I’d rather pull down my panties and sit my bare ass on a cactus.” Carla

2.“If we do this, I can do whatever I want with you—anything?”Carla

3.“I’m going to pull your pink panties off with my teeth, spread your beautiful creamy legs wide and devour your scrumptious pussy. Joey

4.“This is the best scent you own. Parfum du Anatomie de Carla. Too bad I can’t bottle and market it.” Joey

5.“I suppose there’s one that turns me on almost as much as you.” Joey

6.“What’ll you do if I disobey, master? Spank me?” Carla

7.“I never said I wanted one of your players to sniff my pussy.” Carla

8.“Smelling your panties is tantamount to sniffing your pussy.” Joey

9.“Such a sweet pussy you have. God, you feel good.” Joey

10.“Well, get the fuck off of me while you think about it, you hypocrite.” Carla

11.“What is it with you. Can’t you answer a direct question? Would-you-like-to-fuck-Bambi?” Carla

12.“There’s no competition. When I’m not angry with you for being such an insensitive asshole, I love you.” Carla

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