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Getting Naked at the Hilton Reviews

Dark Angel Reviews
RATING: Five Pixies

When Scott is not only stood up, but also caught cursing the woman under his breath by Rachel, both discover an instant attraction to one another. Not ready or willing to part company, Scott lays down a challenge to Rachel that takes her breath away and has her falling for him. Spend a night together, naked and getting to know one another, with no sex.

When they arrive at The Hilton, Rachel puts Scott's challenge to the test. She's sure he won't be able to last the night with them both naked. Come morning, in appreciation to Scott for being such a good boy, Rachel is going to give him the most erotic nookie of his life. Will these two lovers be able to find a lasting relationship? Or is this a case of "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?"

I have heard so many wonderful things about this story, I just had to get my hands on GETTING NAKED AT THE HILTON. Man, am I glad I did. This is one of those rare gems that really raises your blood pressure and leaves you screaming for more. Dee Dawning created a wonderful contradiction of emotions throughout this story. As badly as Rachel wants Scott to be able to keep his hands off her for a night, she can't help herself from wanting to jump his bones. Scott is so witty he had me laughing hysterically at times. The two of these characters together are a match made in Heaven, or Sin City, actually. What starts out as more erotic play definitely turns into a more heart felt romance in my opinion. I could almost feel the pull between their two hearts wanting to bring them together forever.

If you're looking for a smoking hot story with the perfect amounts of foreplay, sensuality and a heart-stopping romance, GETTING NAKED AT THE HILTON is the one for you. I guarantee you won't be disappointed and you'll become a huge fan of Dee Dawning!

Willow Rayne

RATING: 5 Angels

Rachel Cooke is a singer at Pokey's Las Vegas restaurant and lounge. While at the lounge, her eye catches a glimpse of a luscious man. The longer they are in close proximity the growing attraction becomes alarmingly enticing. Scott Rader is mesmerized by Rachel. He doesn't like being stood up for an hour by another woman, so he begins to share some conversation with Rachel, something about her stimulates him like no other. Soon it leads to a dance, a kiss and seduction that is hot. He makes just a simple remark that all he wants is to get to know her. He believes if she were next to him wearing only her birthday suit he wouldn't try to touch her. Rachel decides to take him up on his offer. Scott is surprised when she offers to get naked at the Hilton, something that sends his radar into a frantic tailspin.

Neither knew the challenge they were about to embark, but after one night with Rachel, Scott, was determined to show his restraints. By morning, it appears Rachel has her own games to play, and Scott finds himself on a wonderful heated ride that shows life on a highway, with Rachel, brings out some fiery desires that shows that there are no holes barred in this relationship.

Dee Dawning always knows how to create a delicious read that brings on terrific excitement and steaming sensual passion. Getting Naked at the Hilton is a sweltering story that is grand. I enjoyed the conversation between the couple and how Scott's thoughts jump into his mind, some often witty. I love the way Dee whips up characters that the reader can enjoy. I found this story interesting, exciting, and one roller coaster ride with thrills, chills and scorching heat. Trying to visualize the way Scott and Rachel had their sexual moments in the airplane bathroom, as well as other areas, was clearly written to hold the readers attention. This enticing fast moving erotic read is completely satisfying in every way.

Reviewed by: Linda L.
Fallen Angel Reviews

Red Roses for Authors Review

Monday, 21 April 2008
Getting Naked At The Hilton/Dee Dawning/eXtasy Books/ebook/311 pages.

When Scott first meets Rachel he is feeling mad because a girl called Carol has stood him up. However, the sparks that fly between them as he dances with this incredibly sexy lady soon makes him forget the other girl. Rachel is as attracted to Scott as he is to her, but she has been badly treated by her former lover and she needs to put Scott to the test. Despite the lust they both feel, Rachel makes Scott get naked in her room in the Hilton while banning him from touching her as they talk and get to know one another. Naturally, this can't last long and they indulge in the first of their passionate love making scenes.

Rachel is of mixed blood and her agent Lester hurt her when he ditched her for her white girl friend and partner in their singing act. When Lester sees Rachel with Scott he wants her back and promises a big contract. Scott wants Rachel to marry him even though they've only known each other a few days, but she thinks it best to wait until after the new contract has finished. Desperate not to lose her, Scott is determined to make her and Chloe famous. Lester isn't going to take this quietly but his spite may rebound on him. This book has a happy ever after ending, but not quite what you would expect in the general run of things!

This is an extremely sexy book. Well written and amusing at times in its own way, this is a book for all those who love to read about sex. I give the book five red roses but warn it is for readers over eighteen and those who like erotica.

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{WARNING} This book contains reference to a rape.

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