A Dozen Fun Quotes from Getting Naked at the Hilton

1. "God is paying you back for all those wicked, sinful one night stands." Scott's Imp, Reverend Pat Robertson

2. "Do I strike you as being particularly easy? Hey, Rev. Where are you? Your boy is having naughty thoughts." Rachel Cooke

3. "You? are doing the exact opposite of what you said. You swore? if I were sitting next to you, naked? you wouldn't lay a hand on me. That we would just talk. Now,? you turn into eight arm Elmer and are all over me!" Rachel Cooke

4. "Ooh, you are hard." "May I have the honor of unveiling your manhood? Please?" Rachel Cooke

5. "I plan on doing something with it. Once I see it," "I plan on ignoring it." Rachel Cooke

6. "I'm not going to shake your hand. Who knows where it has been." Lester Wilkins

7. "Never, you lug. You are my knight in shining armor. Promise me! Promise me, if I were to marry you, it would be forever." Rachel Cooke

8. "I'll take over now big boy, if you don't mind. This is women's work!" Rachel Cooke

9. "Love is like chocolate. Once you have a taste of it, you're hooked." Scott Rader

10. "Is it true that you and CC had a ménage a trois with your agent?" Sara Dean, reporter

11. "You are a beautiful, intelligent woman. I wouldn't care if you were black, brown or blue." Scott Rader

12. "Mmmm, I was right. Cocks and Amaretto are like chocolate and peanut butter." Rachel Cooke