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Constance Palmeroy receives a package from the future. After opening it, she discovers an 'Interactive Transference Device.' Reading the instructions, she realizes that the device will allow her mind to enter the bodies of others, even of those on TV or in a recording. Following the instructions, she undresses. Then, after playing around with the Transference Device on the Oprah and Dr. Phil shows, she drags out her favorite porn movie that features a guy she always drooled over and that's when the fun begins.

Author's Comment,

Yes, Gizmo is very naughty. Sometimes the Mr. Hyde part of me takes over, but in addition to being very naughty, he can be very funny. This was meant to be a fun read. I hope you enjoy it.

GIZMO, will be a series of six to ten vignettes, with a new story to be released every five or six weeks.

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