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Getting Naked at the Hilton

For Rachel Cooke, sex isn’t dirty; it’s a celebration of life. She doesn’t give it to just anyone, but once she does, she doesn’t slow down, so prepare for the sexual roller coaster ride of your life.

Rachel, can’t help but notice the luscious man sitting next to her at the bar in Pokey’s Las Vegas restaurant and lounge. Rachel, a singer and performer at the club, studies the man. His name is Scott. He seems preoccupied about something, but when he begins mumbling indelicacies about Reverend Robertson and someone named Carol, Rachel’s innocent question seems to set inevitable romantic forces in motion.

They go dancing and as the evening progresses, so does their attraction. It’s evident they desire each other, intimately, but Rachel has issues. It’s not obvious, but Rachel has a mixed race background and after just ending a disastrous relationship with Lester, her agent, she is not about to get close to anyone without laying her cards on the table. When Scott casually remarks that like her, he too, is only interested in getting to know her and if she happened to be sitting naked next to him, he wouldn’t lay a hand on her. She takes him up on it.

This leads to our couple spending an informative though, sexless night, fully naked in her Hilton hotel suite, a test of his resolve and character. In reality, Scott has no idea of the sexual adventuress that lies beneath Rachel’s demur, delightfully perky persona and after a wet hot passionate interlude in the shower, the following morning, all hell breaks loose and they wind up making love everywhere. Even in the depths of Hoover Dam.

Rachel and Scott stay by each other’s side for days and both come to the conclusion that they have or are about fall in love with each other. It appears to be a match made in heaven, until trouble appears in the form of a snake bearing an apple. The snake is Lester Wilkins, Rachel’s agent and former boyfriend, who will do anything to get her back and the apple is a series of well paying long engagements out of town clubs, where she will be away from Scott and within the clutches of Lester.

{WARNING} This book contains reference to a rape.

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A Dozen Fun Quotes from Getting Naked at the Hilton

1. “God is paying you back for all those wicked, sinful one night stands.” Scott’s Imp, Reverend Pat Robertson

2. “Do I strike you as being particularly easy? Hey, Rev. Where are you? Your boy is having naughty thoughts.” Rachel Cooke

3 “YouÂ… are doing the exact opposite of what you said. You swore… if I were sitting next to you, naked… you wouldn’t lay a hand on me. That we would just talk. Now,… you turn into eight arm Elmer and are all over me!” Rachel Cooke

4. “Ooh, you are hard.” “May I have the honor of unveiling your manhood? Please?” Rachel Cooke

5. “You took a guy’s briefs off in Chippendales?” Scott Rader

6. “I would never refuse a beautiful woman the opportunity to wash my back.” Scott Rader

7. “Excuse me, but I believe that is my niece you are mauling.” Cedric (Tiny) Coombs

8. “Hurry up Rachel, by the way, I l-o-v-e your boyfriend.” Chloe Carney

9. “Never, you lug. You are my knight in shining armor. Promise me! Promise me, if I were to marry you, it would be forever.” Rachel Cooke

10. “Lester, if this is a scheme to get me back in your bed, it’s not going to happen.” Rachel Cooke

11. “Love is like chocolate. Once you have a taste of it, you’re hooked.” Scott Rader

12. “All right you can give her my butt, but no penis.” Scott Rader