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Gender Wars - War on Women

As you probably know, a certain party has reached new lows when it comes to women—women's health, women's reproductive rights and women's rights in general."

All nodded.

"For the last year, I stood by open-mouthed, as men in the House, who hadn't a clue, passed archaic law after law, about women, as if some omnipotent wizard behind a curtain directed their actions. We know there's a Big Brother out there somewhere. It's as plain as the noses on our faces. This Big Brother is not only directing, but writing bills for Republican State legislators across the spectrum, local, state and federal. Different versions of almost the same bills are being presented and passed in various states, and when we find the source, shit's going to hit the fan."

Sally took a drink of water and Kelly said, "I know. I'm boiling mad, but what can we do? It's a man's world."

Sally smiled. "That's what the party chairman had the nerve to say to me. Well, that's about to change. Kelly, you said you're mad. Polls show that millions of women across the country are mad, too. Let's face it. The fact that some shadowy group has declared war on us and that a certain party is going along lockstep and barrel means there are men and even some women who don't like us. And we, as a gender, are never going to reach our full potential unless we take matters into our own hands."

Jennifer raised her hand. "What're you getting at, Sally?"

Before Sally could answer, Lindy touched Sally's wrist. "I'd like to respond to that, if I may."

Sally sat. "Please do."

Lindy smiled. "Thank you." She glanced at Jennifer. "Jennifer, right?"


"Jennifer, women outnumber men in America by ten million. In two thousand and eight, women cast nine million more votes than men did. Women have political muscle. And with numerical superiority, women have the power to take over the country, literally.

Men know this, but in their smug superiority don't worry about women. They have the balls and we don't. Well, they misjudged us. Men might need balls but women don't. In this climate, women are so outraged, we don't need balls. Our strength comes from within, not our sex organs. Up until now, this generation has never had a reason to assert ourselves, but things are changing. With the advent of the Tea Party, right wing legislators are getting more and more radical. Which brings me to the point of this meeting."

Lindy paused for effect, "Ladies, Sally and I are proposing that we form a political party for women. Men can join. We know not all men are pigs. There are many empathetic, caring men, who can register as SAFE members. Ladies, women have the numbers and with that, we have the power to, as some politicians are so fond of saying 'Take back our country'."

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