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Fresh Cut Romance Excerpt

Slowly, the lids of my eyes rose. It was dark. Where am I? I hadn’t a clue where I was. Slivers of light passed through the window coverings—likely from the full moon. I felt my body. Goodness, I’m naked. I glanced to my left. A nightstand. The digital clock upon it read six thirty-six AM. Think. I went out with Julian. Did I drink too much? I don’t remember. Why am I naked? My goodness, could this be his bedroom? Oh my God! Where is Julian?

My right hand stretched out and patted across the bedspread. Suddenly the spread rose around the contour of an object. My hand followed it lightly to the apex. It was a hip. Julian’s hip? I pulled my hand back up to the top of the cover and slipped it under. Slowly and carefully, my hand moved back toward the spot I’d felt before. All of a sudden my hand felt something strange. It was warm and felt like skin but different. I ran my fingers ever so lightly along it. It was long, with something like a ridge near the end. My hand changed direction and went back down the object. Hair—curly, fuzzy pubic hair. Mary, mother of Jesus, forgive me. I think I’ve I sinned.

I jerked my hand back to my chest, where I felt the necklace I still wore. I sat up with a start. “Eeeeeeew.” I touched a penis. I hope it was Julian’s. The man in the bed stirred. Without warning, a bright light flashed on, temporarily blinding me, as he turned on a nightstand lamp. I quickly pulled the sheet up to my neck to cover myself.

“What’s the matter sweetheart? Can’t sleep?”

Thank God it was Julian’s signature voice.

“You were wonderful last night baby.”

Dear God in heaven, I did sin.

Julian slid over and wrapped his arms around me. His arm accidentally brushed a nipple sending a pleasantly, naughty sensation throughout my body. As we embraced, my bare breasts rubbed against his chest redirecting the wicked feelings to the quickly warming area between my legs. I tried and tried without success to remember my sinful night.

This is maddening. I have sex for the first time and don’t even know if I liked it.

After teasing me by nibbling on my lips, shivers shot through me when he whispered breathily in my ear. “Don’t tell me you’re ready to go again?”

Go again? I was incredulous. Here I sit, in a very handsome man’s bed, having made love, totally naked wearing only my necklace, and I can’t remember any of it. It must have been a wild night, for as he held me close, kneading my back, I glanced over his shoulder and spied our discarded clothes spread around the room in some or the most disingenuous places. My beautiful dress was hanging from a single strap draped over a finial on the dresser mirror. My nylons rested on the top of the TV and draped over the screen. My bra hung from the shade of the lamp Julian had turned on and my panties lay across the footboard.

“Julian, why are my clothes strewn haphazardly all over the room? Were we in a hurry last night?”

“Don’t you remember? We were burning with desire. Especially you. You said you had to see what it would be like to be with me at least once. We frantically undressed each other and tossed the clothes wherever it they landed.”

I felt a flush of warmth in my cheeks. “No, I don’t remember. That’s the problem. We made love and I don’t remember.”

A sinful smile formed on his lips. “Really. You don’t remember? Maybe you had too many strawberry daiquiris.”

“And you undressed me?”

He nodded, his smile growing wider and more sinful, while the flush in my cheeks spread to my whole face. “Yes, except for your necklace. You said you wanted to keep one thing on so you weren’t entirely undressed. At first you wanted to keep your bra on, but I didn’t like that so I suggested the necklace and you agreed.”

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