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Red Roses for Authors Review

Jill meets her friends, Gail, and Rita and Saundra and others at Eddie Chang's place, because she wants them to sample the fortune cookies that brought her a wonderful lover and the baby she had longed for. The magic in these cookies only works if you are not truly fulfilled in your life and it turns out that most of the girls need a touch of magic in one way or another - but can it work for all of them?

This is an extremely well crafted book. It is erotic and suitable only for over eighteens, but it has a really good story, which some erotic books do not have. This book has a charm and magic all its own. If you enjoy reading very sexy books then I recommend this one to you. This is certainly five red roses and I rather think it ought to have a whole bouquet, because of all the work and creativity that went into it. and that is a first for an erotic book, but it is also very much a romance.

Reviewed by: Anne

RATING: 4 Angels

Television reporter, Jill Sinclair has a reason for inviting her former college chums to lunch. She is pregnant and soon to be married. They each are thrilled with the news. The only way they can find the same happiness is to take the fortune cookies Jill proffers. The open-minded lawyer, Gail, has been friends with Jill since the beginning of college. She takes the fortune cookies with her as she leaves for the library, never expecting to run into a new love. Shy, sweet, compassionate, Rita, a model, wishes to keep her past quiet. The death of her fiancé four years prior, left her depressed. She also leaves, taking the cookies with her. When she starts feeling down, she begins eating her cookie only to end up discovering a new photographer that just might be the answer to her prayers. Saundra is the sophisticated rich girl who is never wrong about anything. She leaves with the cookies, paying them no mind. It isn't until she learns that her husband is cheating, that she reaches for one of the cookies, in hopes of finding the same enjoyment the other friends have found. None expected the fortuitous occasion of finding the right person to fall into their lap from any cookie. How coincidental could such luck land in their lap? Each in turn find an adventure that leads them to an erotic pleasure to last forever.

Fortune Cookies is a great read. The girls are a delight and the way they have kept their close ties since college is well crafted into the book. The emotion of their trials that leads them to finding happiness allows the reader to fill the ups and downs that often accompany life. Sometimes it is hard to believe that the professional women, with a clear head on their shoulder, would have such problems but this story touches that even those with priorities often have hardships. Dee Dawning has written a book with wit, sizzling sex and some ecstasy throughout the pages. She adds some humor and contact between the women that make them breathe life in this page-turner. Who would have thought the simple fortune cookie could bring so much joy not only to the friends, in the story, but also to the reader?

Reviewed by: Linda L.
Fallen Angel Reviews

Four college friends, Rita, Gail, Jill and Saundra, have remained in the New York area, and continue their friendship into their young adult years. Formerly called the "Sexy Six" in college, after two departed to live out-of-state, they are now known to each other as the "Fantastic Four." Jill has an amazing announcement to impart to the group; after eating an Eddie Chang's Fortune Cookie, she has met a wonderful man--and she's already conceived!

Eddie Chang's Chinese bistro suddenly appeared without fanfare. The fortune cookies at Eddie's aren't giveaway at the meal's end as is customary, but cost $20.00 per. They're red, and purported to produce life-altering experiences, which is quite possible since they tend to figure in dreams involving faceless sexy hunks and volatile lovemaking! Eddie Chang is determined that all four of the Fantastic Four will meet the men they so richly deserve, and Eddie's wish will come true.

Dee Dawning has a gifted imagination, which shines through this rather convoluted plot. Her five main characters (the four ladies and Eddie Chang) and the numerous men who become involved in the story are well delineated. The dialogue is snappy and the sensuality sizzles, and often. Readers looking for a hot erotic story with an unusual paranormal tilt in a contemporary setting will really enjoy Fortune Cookies

The Romance Studio Review
Rating: 5 Hearts

The Sexy Six is a group of six women who were in college together. Jill is the first to try a fortune cookie that she believes helps her find her true mate. She finds romance almost around the corner and can't help sharing the magic with her friends. The romances flourish as they each eat a fortune cookie and share it with the man they meet within hours.

Dee Dawning has written a sexy, erotic tale of women finding their ideal mate. Is it magic, fate, destiny or chance that brings them all together with their soulmate so soon after ingesting a fortune cookie? The author doesn't tell us for sure, we have to use our imagination. With seven pairs of characters whose story needs to be told when Gail's sister Cassie is added Ms. Dawning never gives up. The great mix of humor, eroticism and relationship building continues throughout.

She adds to it with Rita and Gail sharing the tale of their abusive childhood and what they're doing to help others. She varies a little from the primary pairs when Rita, Nikolas, Robbie and Tia try a four way. We get a ‘gotcha’ kind of thrill when Saundra finally finds strength to stand up to her unfaithful husband. She tells us that Mora's openness about the life she lived to pay expenses when catastrophes happened to her family seems to cause a rift in her relationship with Cornell. He's made of the stuff of heroes though so he comes through for her.

The author does a great job mixing people and the realities of life with an apparent fairy tale of the magic fortune cookie. It would be fun to believe that single people could unerringly find their soul mate in such a simple way. Ah, fiction, I love what it does for us. And I love the way Dee Dawning has built this excellent tale.

Reviewed by: Dee Dailey

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