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Felicity Jones Rendezvous Excerpt


Adam, Devon and Felicity, consumed in a wanton orgy of lust, engage in a sexual liaison, in a vacant college classroom, on the last day of school before the semester break. Afterward, Adam suffers an anxiety attack when Felicity admits she’s a ‘bride to be’. Conflicted between the powerful emotions engendered by her recent lovers and the affection for her fiancé, Felicity agrees to return to school in a week and meet them for a rendezvous. While Devon loads his heartbroken roommate and friend in his car in the rain, Felicity gets in her car to make the seventy-six mile journey home.

Chapter One

The ability to make love frivolously is the chief characteristic which distinguishes human beings from the beasts. Heywood Broun

Felicity drove in a trance. Like a video loop, she relived the ‘magnum opus’ of her young sex life—her torrid affair with Adam and Devon—over and over. The mere thought of it dampened her panties and make her pussy ache. Then the image of Adam’s stricken face would emerge and tears would seep from her eyes. She never wanted to hurt anyone. She just wanted to have fun. They all had a great time, didn’t they?

God she had fun. Something nagged at her—something beside Adam and Devon’s reaction to her engagement announcement. Having experienced nirvana in the arms of two gorgeous men, could she be true to one man and only one man for the rest of her life? Having lived the number one woman’s fantasy, could she go back to ordinary?

She scrunched her face. She thought she knew the answer and it wasn’t helpful. What if she married Everette, who she considered better than average in bed and decided she needed more? Not every man is predisposed to sharing his wife with another man. In fact she bet damn few were. She wouldn’t be surprised if it happened less often than four leaf clovers and solar eclipses. Granted, a woman could probably instigate a ménage a trios by going out and picking up a couple men for a one night stand. Or by making a calculated arrangement with a two male friends or co-workers. However, finding two men who had an emotional investment in you, but would not be jealous of each other—that would be difficult. Add the fact that you should adore them as well and…well hitting a mega lottery might be easier.

Hell, if the shoes had been reversed, she didn’t think she could share Adam or Devon with another woman. Or even Everette. She shook her head. Why does she always put Adam and Devon ahead of Everette? It was Everette she was engaged to.

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