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Felicity Jones Rendezvous

Adam, Devon and Felicity, consumed in a wanton orgy of lust, engage in a salacious ménage a trois, in an empty college classroom, on the last day of school before the semester break. Afterward, Adam suffers an anxiety attack when Felicity admits she’s a ‘bride to be’. Conflicted between the powerful emotions engendered by her recent lovers and the affection for her fiancé, Felicity agrees to return to school in a week and meet them for a rendezvous.

However, Felicity, seems to be more intrigued by the handsome virile duo than she imagined and can’t seem to stay away. When she receives an email inviting her to meet them at a wild frat costume party the next night, she finds herself on the road back to meet them for another delicious, lascivious encounter.

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