By The Book

Danny Williams is pleasantly surprised when, one Friday night, Sarah, his comely wife, proposes a game to engender fresh excitement into their flagging sex life. Handing a copy of the erotic Lascivious Liaisons by Madame X to Danny, she suggests they re-enact a sex scene from the book once a week. After acting out the first scene for a heated night of sex, skeptical Danny is convinced and looking forward to for the next 'By the Book' night. However, unknown to Danny, Sarah has a plan within a plan. After several 'By the Book' nights, things start to unravel and events swing beyond Danny's control, ultimately changing their lives, FOREVER

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A Dozen Fun Quotes from By The Book

1. “Ooh, Danny, you’re so smart. You should go on a psychic hotline.” Sarah

2. “She said she hasn’t had this much fun since she was fifteen in the back seat of Jerry’s car.” Sarah

3. “This is nothing but an erotic rag,” Danny

4. “I know. Isn’t it great? It’s got some great imaginative sex scenes in it.” Sarah

5. “I think they want to see your Johnny.” Sarah

6. “I’m definitely going home with Billy tonight,” Marge the barfly

7. “Fit in? You’ll knock ‘em dead. You’ll have every guy there drooling, if not jacking off.” Danny

8. “Humpft. You better keep that one close, mister. That’s some prime stuff,” “Yeah, she’s real fuckable all right.” Acosters

9. “Der’s girls dat get fifty for a fucking lap dance. Three to five minutes of rubbing their cunt against your pecker through your pants.” Illana the streetwalker

10. “Oh right. You’re my twentieth fuck today. The five guys I’d been blowing before you fucked things up by showing up are still in the closet.” Sarah

11. “The first blow job we’ve had in a month. Damn pretty lady, too.” Christos customer

12. “You really have no clue what’s happening, do you?” Tish