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I started writing as a hobby in 2003. Not books at first, but more like music, book and movie reviews.

My first reasonably good, well written story was released in December 2006 with my first book Fortune Cookies. In the ensuing years I've penned something like forty novels, novellas & short stories. Some I really love and some…well you be the judge.

Some say, my books are written in a quirky, humorous vein, even the sexy ones. I guess that's true—I try to be different. But even with the serious books like Thanks a Million and The Bastard Preacher, tongue in cheek humor can be found. That's why if you read one of my books, it's best if you have a quirky sense of humor to match my quirky sense of writing :

Some wonder why, as a man, I write Romance. Why I don't write Action/thrillers or Suspense or Sci-fi/Fantasy. I do write other stuff, but Romance does well for me. Besides, I love the ladies—always have always will. I write about the fair sex because I admire them. Women are the glue, which hold society together. I even wrote a book about a woman who starts a women's party and runs for President—Gender Wars-War on Women. It's a fun book. I keep the price low because I want women to know what's going on. If you haven't read it, you should.

As for me, I've spent my entire adult life in the hot zone. First, Las Vegas and now Arizona. Yes, it gets a toasty, but the winters make up for it. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that most of my scribblings contain some fairly HOT scenes. No apologies, if you're honest, you'll admit that you like it steamy. And if you are one of the few, ice cubes who don't like to read about sex, you've been warned.

The last thing I'd like to mention is that, like all writers, I appreciate praise. It makes my day! I even write better. So for better reading, tell me how great my writing is and keep your fingers crossed. LOL.

Conversely, if you didn't like a book of mine, I'd like to know why. I can take criticism too, if it's good criticism-something I can learn from. That's about all I have to say. I hope you check my other writings out and if you do, keep an open mind and wallet. (And don't forget to review my book if you like it.)

Your servant,
Dee Dawning

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List of Published Novels and Novellas

1. A Dangerous Game
2. Alice in Eroticland *
3. Angel Love *
4. April Showers *
5. Blind Date
6. By the Book
7. Dreams
8. Dumped
9. Duped
10. EEK! I'm a Woman
11. Felicity Jones *
12. Felicity Jones - Rendezvous
13. Forbidden Passion
14. Fortune Cookie Magic
15. French Kiss
16. Fresh Cut Romance
17. Getting Naked at the Hilton
18. GENDER WARS - War on Women #
19. Groovin in Waikiki
20. Hollywood Witches
21. Jasmine's Urban Cowboys 22. Manhattan Miracle
23. Mysta Ree *
24. Naked Research
25. Obsession (Formerly LEGS)
26. Sharing Brenda
27. Sister Laurel & the Atheist #
28. Thanks a Million
29. The Bastard Preacher #

& several shorter works

* Straight Erotica, no romance
# Mainstream

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