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An Alternative read review

Would you expect being awakened by a bunch of giggling to lead to your biggest fantasy being fulfilled? Well, neither does Joel, but he's mightily thankful when he finds his girlfriend Teri and three of her friends practicing "technique" in his kitchen. What follows is the rollicking afternoon to end all time.

With Bananaz, Dee has given me an insight into just how funny and how much fun sex can really be, from anyone's point of view. The descriptions both arouse and make you smile, if not downright laugh, at the visuals they create, while I just have to wonder how the heck Joel will walk the next day...or if he'll even be able to get up. It's a frolic that starts on page one and made me wish it were a whole lot longer. Thanks, Dee.

Posted by reviewer: WitchGiggles


A Teasing Tidbit review

Bananaz by Dee Dawning
ISBN # Excess0000013

Joel awakens from a nap on the couch to find his girlfriend, Teri in the kitchen with three of her friends, all wearing nothing but bikinis. When he peeks around the corner to see what all the giggling is about, he finds them practicing blow job deep throating techniques on bananas. After he's discovered watching, the girls talk him and Teri into a real live demonstration. This demo turns in to a wild sex romp between all of them with some sexy surprises happening along the way.

All I can say is WOW! What a hot, sexy little story this was. If you like a lot of sex, Bananaz won't disappoint you. Be prepared, it goes by way too quickly!

Posted by Barb, Teasing Tidbits


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Joel wakes up from a nap on the couch to hear giggling in the kitchen. He's had a hard day at work but more than curious, he goes to see what's going on. There he spies his beautiful girlfriend with three equally beautiful friends practicing blow jobs on bananas. Joel can hardly believe his eyes and he starts to stand to attention. Then one of the girls suggests that Joel's girlfriend show how to do it for real on Joel...well, things get heated up and soon there's a romp on the bed and Joel is in heaven. He's got all four girls practically fighting over him. Until the police show up, because a neighbour has complained about all the grunting, moaning, wailing and screaming.

Ok, guess I' better warn readers first that this is an erotic romp, which in my humble opinion borders on pure porn. Having said that however, it's also funny and somewhat entertaining. Dee Dawning does a great job in describing the characters in this story and the girls are all very different in looks and the way they act. There's the sexy, sassy...the shy one...the one that goes along with everyone else. And Joel? Well, he's the lucky puppy. This story is not really my kind of reading, but I know that there are many readers of erotic stories that will really get a kick out of it. The ending is quite a page turner too and Dee Dawning gives the reader a nice twist at the end.

Reviewed by: Valerie

{WARNING} This title contains graphic language and group sex.

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